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The Wellness Way, Thyroid and Autoimmune disorder, Hormone Imbalance, Detox, Food Allergy, Weight Loss, Laboratory Diagnostics

The Wellness Way Approach recognizes the inherent, God-given ability of the body to heal. Our unique standard of “We Don’t Guess… We Test!” allows us to confidently empower patients to achieve their highest potential. 

Treating: Thyroid disorder, food allergy, and hormone imbalance. 

By creating a network of clinics that deliver superior clinical outcomes, our goal to impact communities worldwide is being realized.

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Toddler/ Pediatric, extremity and low back adjustment by Doctor Amber Greer.

Prenatal & Pediatric Care

Receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy helps support the mother in every stage of the process. Little bodies need chiropractic care too! Proper spinal alignment allows the growing brain and nerve system to function at 100%.

Adult male, soft tissue and muscle injury support by Doctor Amber Greer

Sports & Work Related Injuries

Most sports and work injuries are caused by overuse and repetitive stress on the body.  Your Chiropractor, Dr Greer, will help you maintain optimal spinal alignment and wellness to reduce or eliminate potential injury and help achieve your highest potential.